Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where is Reflect based out of, and where do you operate?
          Reflect is based in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Although we love the desert we call home, we're ready and willing to travel to meet your needs. We've provided our services to clients all over the U.S. and who doesn't like a road trip? If our truck can drive there without having to navigate the ocean floor, we're there!
2. What other services does Reflect offer besides the Mirror X Booth?
          The team at Reflect has a diverse background of experience. Between our handful of team members we have over 25 years in the corporate event and marketing space - but it doesn't stop there. Our team also includes experienced professional photographers, videographers, printers, and graphic designers. We've spent a ton of collective time working with all types of clients from Fortune 1000 companies to small, intimate parties and weddings. With out writing out a detailed list, rest assured, if your event has a need, it's one we can fill. Whether you just need some social media graphics to promote your event, or you need someone to help turn your entire event vision into reality, we're here for it.
3. Is Reflect a family owned and operated company with awesome vibes? 
          You betcha. After years of the whole family working in various roles like event management, digital content creation, customer service, and corporate marketing, we figured it was time we formed like Voltron and put our collective skills to use in helping our clients host the best possible events. Hopefully you'll be part of our extended family as well!
4. Is Reflect fully licensed, insured, and capable of operating at venues that require insurance?
          You betcha, again. We're fully covered, which means your event needs are fully covered. We're fully licensed to do business in the State of Nevada (and beyond), and we're also fully licensed to party. We're very experienced working with venues like trade shows, concert halls, and convention centers. We aren't quite capable of bringing the Mirror X Booth to Mars yet but have no fear, our top scientists are working on it.

Have a question that isn't here? Reach out to us on our Contact Page and we'd love to help!

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